Click to enlargeUltimate Spider-Man Volume 2: Learning Curve TP

By Brian Michael Bendis, Art Thibert, Mark Bagley. High school, puberty, first dates; there are many pitfalls to being young. Compound those with intense personal tragedy and super powers, and you can start to visualize the world of Peter Parker. Following the murder of his uncle, the assault on his high school, and the confusing signals from the beautiful Mary Jane Watson, Peter finds himself on the brink of manhood: getting a job at a New York City newspaper, the Daily Bugle, to help support his family and taking on extracurricular activities... Like bringing down organized crime head honcho, Wilson Fisk, otherwise known as the Kingpin! Award-winning writer Brian Michael Bendis, with the one-two punch of artists Mark Bagley and Art Thibert, have put Spider-Man back at the forefront of cutting edge storytelling... Where he belongs! Collecting Ultimate Spider-Man #'s 8-13. SC FC 144pg.

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