Click to enlargeDestiny: A Chronicle of Deaths Foretold

By Alisa Kwitney, Kent Williams, Michael Zulli, Scott Hampton, and Rebecca Guay. Everything that ever has happened - or ever will happen - is found in the Book of Destiny. Mortals dream of getting a glimpse of the information contained in its pages, but how high a price would they pay for the privilege? In a not-too-distant future ravaged by plague, a charismatic stranger offers a decimated small town a chance at salvation courtesy of what he claims is a page torn from the Book of Destiny of the Endless. At a meeting of the town's few survivors, he announces that his stolen page has not only predicted the last three great plagues, but reveals where the current one will strike next. To prove his claims, he reads from the page, telling captivating stories that reveal Destiny's role - as well as his own - in the previous three plagues. Mature Readers. SC 160pg FC

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