Nikolai Dante The Romanov Dynasty

By Robbie Morrison, Simon Fraser, Chris Weston, Charlie Adlard, Henry Flint. Where a man can become a legend if he's fool enough to stake his life on it. That man is Nikolai Dante - lover, rogue and thief, son of a pirate-queen and altogether too cool to kill! Created by Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser, this collection features art by Chris Weston, Charlie Adlard and Henry Flint. When chance leaves him working with the Tsar's beautiful daughter Jena, Dante discovers his heritage - bio-bonding with the alien Weapons Crest, which grants him astonishing abilities. But with the new enemies he's making - much less the family he never knew about - can Dante keep his head? MATURE READERS. BW SC 192pg.

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