Paperweight. The result of symbiosis between an alien life-form and a living, biological host. Although the name Venom can refer to the alien symbiote alone, it is most commonly used to refer to the alien bonded with the human host. The human that has been associated with the symbiote the longest is Eddie Brock, a reporter who held a personal grudge agasint both Spider-Man and Peter Parker. Appearing in the new Spider-Man 3 movie as both the symbiote and Edward "Eddie" Brock, Jr., The symbiote will first coat Spider-Man's costume, giving it a new, black appearance and slightly different spider symbol. Eventually, however, Spider-Man will reject the suit, ripping it off himself and it will subsequently bond with Brock. This highly detailed sculpt of Venom standing over Spider-Man is offered to fans as a resin paperweight. It is perfect to hold down your papers or to display on a shelf.

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