X-Factor Volume 4: Heart of Ice TP

By Peter David, Khoi Pham, Pablo Raimondi. With mutants an endangered species, can X-Factor stop the Isolationist from making them extinct? X-Factorís battle with the depowered mutants of the terrorist X-Cell reaches a cataclysmic conclusion. Will X-Factorís Rictor remain loyal to his teammates when faced with the chance to regain his own lost powers? And in the aftermath, thereís no rest for the wicked, as X-Factor is approached by Josef Huber, the Isolationist, who claims to have a way to make the government that has always feared and persecuted mutants protect them instead. Can he be trusted, or are his true intentions much more sinister? Does he plan for X-Factor to be mutantkindís saviors, or their doom? Collecting X-FACTOR #18-24. 168 PGS./Rated T+

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