Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Laughing Corpse Volume 2: Necromancer TP

By Laurell. K. Hamilton, Jessica Ruffner, Ron Limm, Harvey Tolibao. The corpse laughs...but only after it kills! Anita Blake is a vampire hunter without peer, a talented necromancer still learning her trade and a tireless pursuer of the truth. And it is for all these things that she is now marked for death! She saw something she shouldn't have seen - and now, a high priestess of voodoo wants her to pay for it. She wouldn't do something she was asked to do - and now, a mob-connected millionaire wants her off the board. And she wouldn't submit to being a vampire's servant - or maybe she will? That part she's still trying to figure out. But until then, St. Louis' favorite vampire hunter is dodging bullets, evading superhuman zombies and chasing the most elusive prize in this city of the undead: justice! Collecting ANITA BLAKE, VAMPIRE HUNTER: THE LAUGHING CORPSE - NECROMANCER #1-5. 120 PGS./Mature

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