Bid Info - Please read before Bidding!

This year we are raising money to help CASA SHaW in Hunterdon County, NJ!
They help Foster Kids!


Here are the details for OFF-SITE Proxy Bidding on the Superhero Weekend Art Auction.

The Silent Art Auction will take place the day of the event. You need NOT be present to win, however, your bid must be on the bid sheet either through an agent on-site or through Proxy Bidding as follows:

Proxy Bids will be accepted from Thursday Sep 24th to Friday October 2nd at Midnight EST. *NO* further Proxy Bids will be allowed on Saturday, October 3rd. *NO* Proxy Bids will be taken by phone. Do NOT call.

*** IF YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE ITEM, email BEFORE Oct. 1st for your options!***

When an item closes, the highest amount bid for an item by either a person/agent on-site or through Proxy Bid will be considered the winner. Although we have no legally-binding bidding clause, remember that this is a CHARITY event, so stiffing your bid will bring nothing but bad karma!

To submit a Proxy Bid, follow these steps to the letter:

#1 - Emails must have a subject line of "SH Proxy Bid - Artist Name - Character- SH number" [example: SH Proxy Bid - Dave Proch - Groot - SH01"] If you are bidding on more than one item, put "SH Proxy Bid - Multiple Items"

#2 - Emails must include within them the Artist Name AND SH Number. This will avoid confusion when a artist has donated more than one piece.

#3 - Emails must include Full Name and working Phone Number of Bidder. All bidders must be over the age of 18 years of age.

#4 - Emails must include the Bid price offered. Unless you submit a further bid, this will be considered the final bid price offered. These will NOT be "incremental" bids. If you offer $200, that is your bid.

#5 - Each item has a minimum opening bid. Make sure your bid is at least the minimum. All up-bids must be in at least $10 increments, with the exception of Sketch Cards. Bids on Sketch Cards ONLY can be made in $5 increments.

#6 - If you are bidding on more than one item, put your bid with each artist name and separate the items with a dashed line, i.e. "-------------------------"

#7 - IMPORTANT - All items which need to be shipped will be assessed a shipping and handling fee. There is no extra shipping charge if you plan to pick up your item at Comic Fusion, in New Jersey. The charity will contact the winners and let them know about shipping options/prices.

#8 - If you put in a proxy bid, and are the leading bidder, the charity will contact you for your credit card number. You will NOT be charged unless you win. The charity will not keep your information on file. You will be given a "Bidder Number" when you provide the charity with your information. VISA, MASTER CARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS are accepted. If you pick up at the store, CASH/CHECK is another alternative.

#9 - Some of your payment for the art may be considered tax deductible for a 501(c)3 charity; the letter provided by the charity will explain the fair market value/deduction generalities, but you will want to consult a tax professional for more specifics.

#10 - Winners will be contacted after the event ends starting on October 5th! We are a small group, so it may take a few days to contact everyone!

If you've read these instructions, you may email your Proxy Bid here.

QUESTIONS? please email with the header "SH Bidding Question" in the subject header.

Thanks to all the talented artists for their contributions and to you for your support and interest! AND THANK YOU for helping us raise money for this worthy cause!